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Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of clarity the term ‘The Website’ is used to refer all electronically transmitted information – excluding third party data – from the discoverworcestershire.com internet domain.

For the purpose of clarity the term ‘Discoverworcestershire.com’ is used to refer The Website, Its Owners, Management, Employees and contractors.

It is the policy of the management of Discoverworcestershire.com to value and protect the privacy of the users of The Website. This privacy policy tells you about our online collection and use of data.

The terms of this policy apply to all sections of the websites, unless separate terms are specified in a form or contract provided to you online or offline.Discoverworcestershire.com may ask for personal data such as your name or address when you use our site.

For credit card transactions, Discoverworcestershire.com will send the payment information to our authorized payment gateway/s only. Should a credit card charge-back be enacted, Discoverworcestershire.com may release details relating to the charge-back to other parties and/or publish details of the transaction on our relevant web page/s.

Any other information collected via this web site will be kept strictly confidential and we will not release such information to anyone, unless required to do so by law.

The enabling and use of “cookies” by the Discoverworcestershire.com site is, or may be, undertaken in order to identify users as well as for monitoring time and frequency of use.

Discoverworcestershire.com utilises one or more e-mail lists to permit the company to communicate with specific individuals. People who use the Discoverworcestershire.com website may be added to various e-mail lists and accept that they are prepared to receive e-mail from Discoverworcestershire.com.

Discoverworcestershire.com will not provide the addresses or contact details on our list/s to any third party, unless required to do so by law.

Through your visit to Discoverworcestershire.com we may assemble a range of information that relates to you the user. This can include; the referring website, your IP addresses, computer MAC identity number, browser type and language. We may also assemble navigational information that relates directly to the pages that you view and your access of various areas of the website. Discoverworcestershire.com reserve the right to send to you, from time-to-time and via any method, communications regarding The Website and the activities of Discoverworcestershire.com.


We may, from time-to-time, make alterations to our privacy policy. Should we make alterations, we will display them on our website in order to alert users of the changes and so that users can constantly be informed regarding the information that we collect, how we use it, and when we may disclose it. Users of Discoverworcestershire.com are bound by any changes to the policy when using the site after those changes have been published. It is our policy to alert users of the site if we are going to use the data and information collected in a way significantly different to methods set out in previous privacy policies.


Should you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your interaction with Discoverworcestershire.com, you should contact the company at: privacy@discoverworcestershire.com.