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Worcester Mela


We are working to bring the very first Mela to Worcester. Due to COVID restrictions this year we are focusing on engaging with communities for smaller projects, working towards our first Mela in 2022.

We will be sharing more about these projects and how you can get involved soon, but until then you can connect with us on social media or via email.


Our team of volunteers and professionals are creating a Mela to provide a space to bring people together from across the city and the wider county to celebrate South Asian culture and most importantly have fun and be entertained.

It is a powerful force to break down barriers and strengthen communities while creating a springboard for further exploration. We hope it will encourage you to explore further what the South Asian community and its rich heritage have to offer.

Worcester Mela Stage
Worcester Mela South Asian Food

We will be showcasing different types of Asian cuisnes, music from traditional folk to modern day classics- with a Bhangra beat (to make your soul sing!) PLUS arts and crafts from across the regions with workshops and installations to create a deeper understanding of our heritage in the modern day.

COVID has meant restrictions to meeting people in the usual way and coming together for a festival like our Mela. So, this year we are focusing on engaging with communities, partners and contributors through smaller projects getting us ready for when we can come together for our first Worcester Mela in 2022.

If you are a school, community group, individual, or business that wants to be involved, contact us so we can talk about how to work together.